Anonymous asked: “i dread waking up everyday. i hate thinking of what the day will bring. i go to school each day thinking who will be there. who will say what. most days i get called ugly and fat and told my mom hates me. she does. i am. i hate life!”

This has actually made me feel so sad! no one should ever feel like this. im sure your mom does love you, lots! Don’t live your life in fear, try waking up positive, it may be a positive day by the end (: I am sure your not fat, most people say it to hurt others and everyone is beautiful in there own way. private message me if you want to chat.

Anonymous asked: “my mom and girls keep telling me im skinny but they dont listen to how i feel i am fat i can see it with my own eyes. do you have any tips on how to lose weight fast?”

i know the feeling. People wont listen to me either but sometimes they just worry about us. Just eat healthy and do a lot of exercise, means you will stay healthy and be skinny.

Anonymous asked: “not in a horrible way m8 but i think u are a little obbsessed with all this shit. I bet your skinny and dont need to lose weight. dont turn into a stick boys like curves.”

Thanks for your concern but im not and nope i ent skinny ha! i will never be a stick and i think boys like skinny girls tbh!

Anonymous asked: “where are you from? i need a proana buddy on bbm xxxxxxxx”

sorry i do not have bbm and im not pro ana. I do not want to be i just want to loose weight. try not to become ana. it isnt good :/

Anonymous asked: “your wall is so inspirational!”

thank you (: